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Spa beauty image is our story of how a dream and a passion to take care of our clients a long way to go. We started in 2016 with a vision to separate us, with higher standards of hairdressing, beauty treatments, satisfied customers and passionate collaborators. With a passion to drive our brand to become a leading service provider and name in the industry, we work hard every day to keep our image and clientele as superb as it deserves to be.

Our vision and goal is to become a recognized leader hair and beauty salon, distributor and retailer of sustainable single premium products. Image strives to understand our customer’s lifestyles, to ensure that our premium beauty salons (may) remain relevant in keeping up with trends and the latest products. In this way our customers will be able to always get the best care and services.

Our professionally trained (trained) therapists deliver you the highest quality of services, along with the best care with product used by us: Dermalogica, Marika, Loreal, Africology and Morgan Taylor.

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